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D Ribbed

The D ribbed door has a large ribbed design with a smaller rib within the panel.  

Available in the following options:-
LPU 42 double skinned steel (insulated) in Silkgrain with a choice of 16 preferred colours and RAL to choose.

Inlays are available in five versions:
Divided inlays which are 435mm wide and are positioned on the left and right hand edges of the door (style 500)
Continuous inlays which run along the whole door width (style 501)
Varied inlays which decrease in length throughout the door (style 502)
Staggered divided inlays (style 503)
Central varied inlays (style 504)

The Inlays are available in stainless steel, timber look as well as RAL to choose*. (*only as continuous inlays)

Glazing options are available.

Also available with a wicket door.