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M411 Security shutter

Applications - Low to Medium security domestic sites with a maximum size of 8m². In addition to its security function, the M411 shutter provides insulation in conjunction with a window; light slots are optional and can assist as a window shading system.

Curtain Slat - Aluminium double skinned polyester powder-coated slat with polyurethane foam insulating core. Vented and unvented options.
Colours: White, Brown, Cream, Grey, Fir Green, Silver or Black as standard.
Blind Surface :: 42mm
Weight per m² :: 4kg
Maximum Width :: 3400mm
Maximum Surface :: 8m²

Enclosure / Housing - Manufactured from roll formed aluminium with a stove-enamelled finish in 2 sections with a 45° chamfered lid. Circular housing option. End caps are pressure-moulded aluminium alloy.
Colours: White or brown. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies). 

Guide Height (mm)         Plate Size* (mm)
            1050                              150
            1435                              165
            1720                              180  
            2295                             205
            3350                             250
*These sizes apply to standard shutter roll methods only. Reverse rolled curtains will
equire larger boxes than those shown.  Plate sizes shown as a guide only and may increase dependent on shutter width.

Guide Channels / Bottom Slat - The extruded aluminium bottom slat is fitted with a weather seal. Guide are available with a circular surface. 45mm, 53mm, 60mm HD, or 66mm guide depths available. 53mm as standard. Self-packing guides are also available. 
Colours: White or brown. Option to powder coat any RAL / BS colour (surcharge applies). 

Cord: The swivel winder coils the belt within a compact box. 
Rod and Crank: Geared rod and crank handle winds the shutter. 
Spring and Lock: A counter-balanced spring assembly with a key-lock bottom slat & handles. 
Electric: Somfy tubular motor & internal rocker or external key switch as standard.
Numerous options such as group or remote control etc. Manual override facility as required.