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Novomatic 423

Advanced technology belongs in a modern casing. Novomatic 423 is trendy and stylish. It is the professional system for operating sectional and up-and-over garage doors. This garage door operator is a particularly good match for Novoferm garage doors, but is also perfect for retrofitting other garage door makes.

Your advantages at a glance
- Modern, energy-saving LED lighting (1.6 W)
- Low Power consumption in standby mode (0.5 W)
- Comfortable operation using the tamper-proof 2-channel rolling code hand transmitter.
- Soft start and stop function.
- Self monitoring automatic maintenace-free shutdown device.
- Electronically monitored push-up protection.
- Bright LED lighting.
- Connection for outdoor lighting up to 500 W.
- Air vent settings for garage ventilation.