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Panoramic doors

The Panoramic Slide-n-Stack patio door is the alternitave to the dated bi-fold and accordian door system. This type of door is fast becoming the most influential aspect of modern home and restaurant design. Rather than have a series of panels connected to each other with hinges, it has been designed where the panels move independently of each other. More freedom, easier operation and total control of the opening.

Mechanically Fastened Corners
Mechanically fastened coners insure a strong door that is able to withstand years of operation. The vinyl core is mechanically fastened via the aluminium inserts. After the core has been assembled we add aluminium cladding so you have your door in any colour you desire.

Block Frame Design
The Thermaclad Door frame is a four part block frame. Because all the weight of the door is on the bottom track, this system is easier to install than other doors of this type.

Aluminium Re-Enforced Vinyl Core
The Thermaclad Door combines the thermal benefits of vinyl with the beauty of painted aluminium.

Security at every point
The Swing door panel(s) come equipped with a deadbolt and two more hooks that lock into the neighbouring panels, we use he Ultion 3 star lock cylinder.

Choice of two real wood options
Nothing feels or looks as luxurios as real wood. Choose from a selection of stain-grade woods for your interior.

Keyless Entry
Get full control over who goes in and out of your house, keyless entry gives you one less thing to remember as you go out and tamper alarm will sound if anyone tries to gain unauthorised entry to your home.

Hidden Screen
Net offers an innovative and functional screen solution for large openings protecting your home from annoying insects.

Internal Blinds
Integral Aluminum blinds with a choice of 10 colours and magnetic or solar mechinisms.