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RollMatic OD Horizontal Door

The space-saving RollMatic OD horizontal door is ideal for modernisation. The narrow design of the horizontal door allows fitting in the garage even in very tight spaces. The door's compact construction only requires a headroom of 60 mm.

The standard operator ProMatic can be either installed on the right or the left horizontal guide rail, no additional headroom is required.

With the optionally available SupraMatic operator, your horizontal door opens faster and you can drive directly from the street into your garage. And you will wonder how you ever lived without convenience functions such as the additional opening height, e.g. to ventilate your garage, and being able to switch the operator lighting on and off with your hand transmitter.


Smooth door travel
Twin rollers evenly and smoothly guide the door curtain under the ceiling. The narrow aluminium side guides are connected by stable corner diversions with small radii. Due to this compact design, the garage horizontal door RollMatic OD only requires a lintel of 60 mm

The door is almost completely closed in the lintel area with the specially shaped folding roller bracket. An elastic lip seal in the lintel area and brush seals in the side guides protect against driving rain (class 2). The flexible EPDM bottom profile compensates for unevenness in the floor and seals the bottom edge of the door

Integrated counterbalance
The multiple spring assemblies optimally balance the weight of the door curtain in every position. This preserves the operator mechanism and, together with the automatic safety cut-out of the operator, guarantees safe door operation. In addition, the integral catch safety device protects the door against crashing to the floor in case of a possible cable tear.

Space-saving operator fitting
The operator booms can either be installed on the right or the left horizontal side guide. This compact design does not require additional headroom. (The illustration shows the optional SupraMatic operator)

Variable fitting
The vertical side guides and the fascia panel are supplied in the colour of the door as standard. Thus the door can also be fitted partially or completely in the opening.

Size range
Max. width 3500 mm
Max. height 3000 mm