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RollMatic T

The RollMatic T is a tubular drive roller door that comes as standard with a spiral cable closing edge safety device. As many parts are already pre-assembled, the installation time for this door is greatly decreased. This classic looking roller door is the latest offering in our roller door range and is available in 16 colours and two Decopaint and Decograin timber design finishes.

A well protected shaft
The standard shaft cover practically prevents reaching into the door barrel. In addition, it protects the curtain from damage and dirt when the door is open. For coloured doors, the cover matches the door curtain. With Decograin and Decopaint doors, the cover is supplied in the base colour of the timber design

Space-saving design
The compact door design with tubular operator for door narrow fitting conditions. The side guides with standard backfill cater for quiet door travel and are optimally sealed through the standard brush seal.

Emergency operation as standard
The Rollmatic T can be easily opened from the inside in the case of a power cut by using the standard emergency crank handle. With the optional external emergency operation, you can open your door with a crank handle from the outside. The crank handle is attached in an opening, that is lockable with a locking cylinder. The door can be operated from the inside via the divisible linkage

Additional fascia panel
The additional fascia panel stabilises the fascia panel for fitting in the opening or behind the opening if the fascia panel can be seen in the opening. It harmoniously complements the lintel without any unattractive fitting holes. The additional fascia panel is available in the colour of the door or with a Decograin surface.

Space saving tubular operator
The high-performance tubular operator is equipped with mechanically adjustable end-of-travel positions. Optionally the operator is available with electronic travel limit safety cut-out. The Rollmatic T is supplied with stylish control, over which the operator can be controlled from the inside. The integrated LED lighting provides excellent illumination inside the garage.

Closing edge safety device as standard
An optosensor in the bottom seal monitors the closing edge according to DIN EN 13241 and it realiably stops the door when there is an unexpected obstacle. Optionally a wireless closing edge safety device is available without spiral cable.

Radio control as standard
Conveniently control your door with the two standard hand transmitters and their tried and tested radio system. Optionally the particularly secure BiSecur radio system with the two hand transmitters HSE 4 BS is available.

*Curtain Marking - Please note due to the rolling action of the door, surface marking may be caused by security locks, dust and debris. This does not consititue a product fault and performace is not affected in any way.