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Rollmatic T

    The inexpensive roller garage door with powerful
    tubular operator creates more room in front of and
    inside the garage. The door curtain is guided via
    a guide roller and guide channel and ensures
    smooth door travel.

  • - A well-protected barrel: The standard cover of the barrel effectively prevents reaching into the door barrel. In addition, it protects thecurtain from damage and soiling when the door is open.
    Space-saving construction: The compact door construction with tubular operator hasa required headroom of only 290 mm and sideroom ofonly 75 mm (up to 2300 mm door height) or 105 mm (from3001 mm door width) and is also suitable for particularly narrow fitting situations. The side guides ensure smooth door travel and are optimally sealed by thestandard brush seals.
    - Additional surface protection: With the optional DuraBelt, your door remainsbeautiful longer. When rolling up, several belts are placed between the individual layers of the door curtain, thus significantly reducing scratch marks caused by soilingof the curtain. The DuraBelt can also be retrofitted to allinternal and external roller garage doors.
    - Emergency operation as standard: Even in the event of a power failure, you can easily open the RollMatic T from the inside using the standard emergency crank handle. With optional external emergency operation, a crank handle is inserted into a lockable opening that opens the door from the outside.
    - Space-saving tubular operator: The powerful tubular operator is equipped with mechanically adjustable end-of-travel positions. Optionally, the operator is also available with electronic end-of-travel position cut-out. The operator can be controlled from the inside with the stylish control. The integrated LED lighting provides more light in the garage.
    - Closing edge safety device as standard: An optosensor in the bottom seal reliably stops the door in the event of an unexpected obstacle. The standard version is available with spiral cable or optionally with radio transmission and without spiral cable.

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